The Golden Rules of Web Lead Conversion

Phone Calls

You’ve set up call tracking for your leads. But how do you make sure that your sales team converts as many leads to clients as possible? Here are some golden rules for phone calls:

  • The caller’s experience is key. Since you know it’s a prospect, do the very best you can to send the call directly to the person most likely to convert the lead to a sale, without transferring or holding. Make sure the rep who takes each prospect’s call is ready to close the sale or make the appointment.
  • Dedicate a special, portable phone number to incoming web leads. It’s a relatively low cost way to direct sales calls to the best possible person for the job. Sure, call tracking metrics  gives you data you can use to analyze the impact of your web marketing efforts, but the most important thing of all is to know when a buyer is calling. These valuable calls should be answered fast, again without transferring or holding, by a person qualified to convert the lead. Even if the rep is busy with a non-sales-related task, the will know it’s time to drop what they are doing to answer this call. Make sure this portable phone number can be easily forwarded to other phones in case your first-choice rep is unavailable.
  • Be prepared and proactive,and make sure your sales reps are, too. You all need to know the pricing (use of reasonably high minimum fees can help a lot), the next available day you can provide service, have any necessary forms ready to fill out while on the phone, and maybe even take their credit card number right then. Have a promotion ready to offer, even if it’s just your normal business practice, such as a free delivery, or items free with contract. Avoid having to check with anyone before quoting or making an offer, and avoid having to call any prospect back with information. Have the information you need at your fingertips; set up your sales rules and live with them.

Prospects will keep shopping until they find a friendly, convenient service provider who is willing to serve them on their terms.

Web Forms

You’ve got forms on your website where prospects can request a quote or contact you for more information. So how can your team turn a high percentage of these inquiries into sales? Here are some golden rules for web forms:

  • Direct leads to multiple emails in your organization. People get busy, sick, go on vacation, are in meetings, may be driving, etc., which makes it easy for a lead to age quickly simply because it’s sitting in that one person’s mailbox, not receiving a response. By the time someone sees the lead, they may have given their business to a competitor. Send leads to multiple qualified reps, or at least to a manager(s) who would know which reps are unavailable and be able to delegate leads appropriately.
  • Keep track of them in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Make sure reps enter sales into your CRM, tagged as web leads. Have a “scorekeeper” keep track of leads, wins and losses and revenue. You need to know where a rep’s wins are coming from to associate the revenue and lead costs to the applicable marketing method. Reps are “in the trenches” and can easily forget the source of their leads, making it difficult to determine what methods work best.
  • Plan your email responses and send them on a schedule. Even though a lead just filled out the form asking for help, they may never answer their phone. You need to have well-crafted emails ready to send, possibly including an autoreply promising a quick response as the very first email your lead receives. Discuss benefits, offers and promises and calls to action in these emails, like “We’ll get your documents safely picked up tomorrow if we hear back from you by 2 p.m. today. Call me to get on the schedule.” Once 2 p.m. comes and goes, you now have a valid reason to make a follow-up call or email to your lead. Have templates for all common sales situations ready to be sent.

Follow Up

Not every sale can be closed on the spot; your lead may be “getting bids for the boss.” In that case, you need to stay front and center in their minds. Never hang up with establishing a mutually agreed-upon next step, which authorizes you to take action. “If I don’t hear from you today, I’ll be sure to call in the morning. Okay?”

Follow these golden rules, and you’ll be in position to make all possible sales from your web leads!

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