About Knox!


Creative Director

Web Design, Graphic Design and 1st Tier Support

Cultivated Digital Artist

Abilities and skills refined through study and practice.

Bachelor of Design in Communications

A degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, ON.

Extrovert Extrodinaire

Knox gets his energy by being around others and thrives in social situations.


Years of Design Experience


Videos Edited


Fully Responsive Website Builds

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Fun Facts about Knox

Doggy Daddy

Knox has a Black Labrador Retriever Mix named Oz. He is an energetic puppy that would run around all day and night if he was allowed. He is named after the Werewolf in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Digestive Issues Galore

Knox has discovered he has a very sensitive stomach which has trouble digesting gluten and lactose. On top of that, he is trying to go vegan but is struggling to fully give up on Tacos and Sushi.

Geeky Interests

Knox has several geeky interests. He likes Pokemon, Classic Disney, Board Games, Dungeons & Dragons, Comic Book Superheroes and singing Musical Theatre songs at Karaoke.