About Sawyer!


Technical Marketing Director

Director of Pay Per Click Campaigns, On-Site SEO, and Technology.

Master Troubleshooter

Enjoys going through all possible metrics & details to figure out what is happening.

Certified Specialist

Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Certified & Bing Accredited Professional.

Lifelong Learner

Continuing education to keep ahead of the curve.


Years of Web Marketing Experience


Websites Managed


PPC Campaigns Created & Optimized

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Fun Facts about Sawyer

Cat Person

Sawyer owns 2 cats named Maka & Soul and he will be more than willing to tell you stories or show you pictures of their crazy escapades.

Fantasy Consumer

Sawyer enjoys movies, TV shows, and books in the Sci-Fi or Fantasy genres. Some of his favourites include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Star Trek.

Tabletop Gamer

Sawyer plays a myriad of tabletop games from board games, to Dungeons & Dragons, to a tactical miniatures game that includes collecting, painting and competing.