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About Sawyer!


Technical Marketing Director

Director of Pay Per Click Campaigns, On-Site SEO, and Technology.

Master Troubleshooter

Enjoys going through all possible metrics & details to figure out what is happening.

Certified Specialist

Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Certified & Bing Accredited Professional.

Lifelong Learner

Continuing education to keep ahead of the curve.


Years of Web Marketing Experience


Websites Managed


PPC Campaigns Created & Optimized

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Facts About Sawyer

Cat Person

Sawyer owns 2 cats named Maka & Soul and he will be more than willing to tell you stories or show you pictures of their crazy escapades.

Fantasy Consumer

Sawyer enjoys movies, tv shows & books that are within the sci-fi or fantasy genres. Some of his favourites include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Star Trek.

TableTop Gamer

Sawyer plays a myriad of tabletop games from Board Games, Dungeons & Dragons, and a tactical miniatures game that includes collecting, painting and competing.

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