Bing Accredited Professional

Bid & Budget Management
Our Pay Per Click Program provides comprehensive pay per click marketing campaign management either as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to other services. This service is for companies who want to purchase clicks using Google or Bing.
As a monthly Pay Per Click client, you receive the following services:

Pay per click services base their structure on your willingness to bid a certain amount of money to obtain a single click on a specific keyword. This bid is constantly changing based on competitors, time of day, and various other factors; however the key factor we use to determine bid prices is your total monthly click budget. You receive constant management and monitoring of your budget and bid cost, plus recommendations to improve your campaigns.

Ad Development
When a prospect types in a certain keyword search phrase, ads appear. These ads are written to support the search request and to be capable of creating a click. We not only write the ads, we test variations of them to obtain the best results.

Keyword Research
Effective campaign management requires thousands of keyword variations that support your ad being displayed when appropriate to the search. It is critical that your ads not show when the wrong combination of keywords are entered. You receive constant monitoring of the keywords that work and don’t work, as well as adjustment of your ad campaigns to ensure you are only buying the right clicks.

Monthly Reporting
We provide monthly reports on your pay per click campaign. These include clicks by service category, costs per click, and trackable conversions. We also use a wealth of other data from Google Analytics to determine ways to improve your position and campaign effectiveness.

If you are ready to discuss your pay per click goals and options with us, call us at (800) 450-5390 or use the form on the right.