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Local Directory & Review Management

Making Sure Your Business Can Be Found

The Value of an Integrated Website Management & Web Marketing Vendor

Along with the simplicity of single-vendor communication and billing, working with an integrated vendor to build and manage your website along with facilitating your web marketing requirements allows for a wholistic marketing program. Web marketing success is directly impacted by the design, functionality and effectiveness of your website.

Responsive and Accessible

Benefits of Local Directory Management

Ongoing local business listing creation, management, assessments, and updates to keep your business information correct and current in the face of incorrect information sharing between directories, directories requesting input on your business information from members of the public, and frequent changes to directory requirements and best practices.

We protect and manage your listings so prospects and clients can find you using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing Maps, and many more directories, social media and review platforms.

  • In complete control of your own messaging

  • Reliable, consistent and up-to-date information

  • Improves your rankings by preventing inaccuracies and discrepancies that lower rankings

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Our Process

Discovery Call

Business questionnaire and conversation with you about the information you want to present about your business.

Existing Listings

Request for access to existing accounts and claiming and cleaning up any existing listings for your company.

New Listings

Creating new listings in your name and granting you complete ownership of new accounts we create.

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Designed with Marketing In Mind

Benefits of Business Review Management

Real-time monitoring of major review websites for any positive or negative reviews, with reporting so you can quickly respond. Support with getting reviews that violate site policies removed.

  • Cost effective with proven results

  • Increases trust of your company and its credibility

  • Improves search engine rankings and brand image

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