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Website Development

Websites in Full Bloom

The Value of an Integrated Website Management & Web Marketing Vendor

Along with the simplicity of single-vendor communication and billing, working with an integrated vendor to build and manage your website along with facilitating your web marketing requirements allows for a wholistic marketing program. Web marketing success is directly impacted by the design, functionality and effectiveness of your website.

Responsive and Accessible

Designed for Everyone and Every Device

Every client is completely unique, even if they are in the same business, which is why we focus on creating completely custom websites for each client.

  • Responsive layouts for multiple breakpoints so your website looks and functions well on every device

  • Accessible design (ADA & WCAG Compliance)

  • Strict Q/A testing during and after development

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Our Process

Request a Discovery Call

Complete our Contact Form to set up a meeting where we can discuss your needs regarding your new website.

Review Agreements

Once we determine the best course of action for us to work together, we will compile an agreement and send them to you for review.

Kick Off Project

Once signed, we will schedule a Kick-Off Meeting with a designer so you can clarify all wants and needs surrounding functionality and design of new website.

Get Approvals from You

At regular intervals, you will be given an opportunity to provide feedback and really shape the direction your newly-designed website takes.

Take Website Live

Once final approval is given by you, WebVitality will do final QA, take your new website live, and test to ensure it's working as intended.

Maintenance Program

After your new website is live, we will add it to our ongoing Maintenance and Support program to ensure the website stays secure and working.

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Designed with Marketing In Mind

Benefits of Marketers Designing Your Website

Our Website Development Service is exclusively for existing clients who are enrolled in any monthly program with WebVitality OR new clients who have signed a contract to begin a monthly program upon completion of their website.

  • Designed for your needs

  • Built to last with our maintenance program

  • Designed to get leads

  • Years of experience with what works

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