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Strategic Development

We've added the best web marketing practices to our development processes right from the start. All of our websites are built to be optimized for the current web landscape.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use leading, modern technology in our web design process. The WordPress platform and hosting providers we use are tested and proved to be the latest and greatest.

Responsive Web Design

We create fully-responsive websites that can be viewed on all devices for an equally enjoyable and user-friendly experience.

Premium Features

We will help set up other elements on your site, such as e-commerce, email marketing, or a chat feature. We help make the connection to your new website, and you manage the accounts and setup on your end.

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Monthly Program

Our Website Development Service is exclusively for existing clients who are enrolled in any monthly program with WebVitality, OR new clients who have signed a contract to begin a monthly program upon completion of their website.

WordPress Operating System

WordPress is the industry standard for customizable websites. 

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